Night City After Dark

Vice activities

Johnny Fraser did his tour in South America, went through the academy, walked a beat through the mean streets. Yeah, he’s paid his dues so nobody in vice really minds when his only reply to jokes about his fancy clothes and corporate words is a sideways smirk and a fleeting glimpse of the bird. It’s all fully earned, don’t like it? Oh well, try doing a better job!

Most of the guys in vice spend all of their time chasing two bit whores and street level fixers, if they stumble onto a gambling ring or decent drug bust they’ll tell you all about it for a week. Fraser has got the contacts to spend all day everyday taking trash like that off the streets but he doesn’t. He knows they are merely a symptom and he’s after the disease. So he uses common street criminals for every bit of information they’ve got and then he either keeps them free as his personal resources or he turns them over and gets them taken off his streets.

His only problem is that all elusive big bust. He’s had the high dollar drug busts but nobody ever gets the real brains behind the operations, they get mules, pushers or soldiers at best. He wants the real deal bad and he’s so close he can smell it.



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