Angelo Romano

Consigliere of the Salvatore Family



INT 9, REF 7, TECH 5, COOL 8, ATTR 5, LUCK 6, MA 5, BODY 6, EMP 6
BTM: -2, SAVE: 6
Reputation: 6


Streetdeal 8
Awareness/Notice 7
Persuasion 7
Intimidate 7
Handgun 7
Brawling 5
Human Perception 7
Streetwise 7


Angelo Romano is Consigliere of The Mob. He is Don Vito Salvatore’s advisor. He is often found at the Don’s side whispering in his ear. He is plugged into the city’s underbelly and also into the political world. He often represents the Don at meetings if the Don is unavailable. He is also a mediator between the upper echelon of the family and it’s soldiers.

Angelo Romano

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