Billy Grey

President of The Lost


Billy Grey is the 37-year old President of The The Lost. He was introduced to violence and racism at a very young age, by watching news coverage of Central American wars when he was under 5 years old. As a teenager, he befriended 15-year old Michael (Mikey) Klebitz and was introduced to his younger brother Johnny Klebitz, when he was 13 and Johnny was 10. According to Michael, Billy “thought he was Jesus on an acid trip” and quickly became a bad influence on Johnny. Michael, in contrast, became a soldier in Iraq and an upstanding citizen, criticizing Billy’s and Johnny’s criminal biker lifestyle. Billy was arrested for stealing a bike at age 15, which Johnny would soon imitate. Billy committed many other crimes and served up to two years in juvenile hall before he and Johnny both joined the Lost MC. He was arrested for murder when he was 18, possibly alongside Brian Jeremy who was arrested for the same crime in the same year (whether or not, Brian would eventually be his most loyal follower in the Lost).

In a matter of fifteen years or so, Billy worked his way up from a prospect to president of the chapter. Billy is shown to be a sadistic and violent leader and as president, he enacted the worst acts of violence to the Lost’s ongoing rivals, The Angels of Death (AOD). During his presidency, he was to blame for an accident that handicapped fellow Lost member Angus Martin, and put their AOD rival Joe Jon’s nephew in a coma. His drug problem severely worsened; Billy commonly used steroids, but then he began using heroin.
At another point in time, Billy slept with Johnny’s girlfriend Ashley Butler; although the social structure of any biker gang readily allows a member’s girlfriend sleep around (referred to specifically as “property”), Johnny became understandably jealous but never outwardly criticized Billy for it. He supposedly ended his relationship with her because of her extreme drug habit.

Billy was eventually arrested with heroin and was placed in rehab. Johnny became president in his place, giving Billy’s motorcycle to the AOD as a peace offering. Months later, he was released and reclaimed his place as chapter president, also continuing his drug habits. Billy and Johnny quickly conflict over how to lead the gang, and Billy steadily shows signs of getting greedy with power and possibly going morally insane.
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Billy is arrested during a large heroin deal and is incarcerated awaiting trial. There is some fear that he will turn government witness.

Billy Grey

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