Brian Jeremy (B.J.)

Secretary of The Lost


Brian “BJ” Jeremy is a member of The Lost Brotherhood and is known to be fiercely loyal to the gang’s incarcerated leader, Billy Grey. He is apparently displeased with the direction Johnny Klebitz is taking the gang in due to the truce with The Angels of Death. Another reason why Brian may dislike Johnny is due to his Jewish heritage, since Brian’s anti-semitism is heavily implied, especially after Billy’s arrest, since Brian accuses Johnny of betraying Billy and then adds “leave it to the Jew prick to be a rat”. Brian constantly argues with Klebitz over Grey, and always defends Grey, even if he is making the wrong decisions. Johnny also constantly insults him, specifically his combat skills amongst other things.

After Grey’s arrest in Chinatown, Johnny retakes control of the Lost once again, much to Brian’s distaste. Secretly, Brian believes that Johnny may have ratted on Billy.

Brian Jeremy (B.J.)

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