Clay Simons

Road Captain of The Lost


Clay Simons aka Crowdog aka Big Clay is member and Road Captain of The Lost. He is perhaps the only member without a criminal record. Clay has mentioned being in the Marine Corps before and made references to guarding a US Embassy somewhere, but no one knows for sure. He is a bit older than most of the gang, being somewhere in his early 50s. He is quiet and “leaves the politicking to you boys”.

Clay is an obvious fan of the ladies, he likes to spend time with girls and often speaks about this during friend activities. He thinks, that women are the best thing in the world and when Johnny calls him for a show, he states that he “can take some time off the women to see a brother”. He also often talks about his “gift”, which ladies love, but Jim mocks, that this is only herpes. Clay also expresses remorse that one girl he’s particularly fond of is with a member of the Angels of Death.

Clay is always found around Terry Thorpe. Clay and Jim Fitzgerald are the only non-caucasian members of The Lost. He often smokes marijuana and cigars. He is constantly teased about having multiple STDs.

Clay Simons

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