Frankie "Two Guns" Morello

Mafia Hitter



INT 7, REF 9/11, TECH 7, COOL 9, ATTR 5, LUCK 4, MA 6, BODY 8, EMP 5
BTM: -3, SAVE: 8
Reputation: 8


Combat Sense 7
Awareness/Notice 6
Intimidate 7
Driving 5
Handgun 7
Rifle 7
Stealth 6
Hide/Evade 6
Brawling 7
Streetwise 7
Weaponsmith 4


Frankie Two Guns is a name attached to feelings of fear and anxiety within the underworld and to some degree, in the public. A hitter for The Mob, Two Guns is a muscular, Italian-American with slicked back hair and sideburns. He is a “made” man who reports directly to Don Vito Salvatore. His neck is adorned with a tattoo of a six-shooter on either side, his trademark. He has tattoos all over his chest and a barbed-wire around his forearm. He wears a gold cross around his neck and it’s rumored that he quotes bible verses to victims before “retiring” them, but this has never been substantiated. But then again… “Dead men don’t tell tales.”

Frankie "Two Guns" Morello

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