Gianluca Bruno

Caporegime of the Salvatore Family



INT 7, REF 8, TECH 5, COOL 8, ATTR 5, LUCK 5, MA 5, BODY 8, EMP 6
BTM: -3, SAVE: 8
Reputation: 6


Streetdeal 7
Awareness/Notice 7
Persuasion 3
Intimidate 6
Handgun 5
Rifle 5
Brawling 6
Human Perception 4
Streetwise 7


Gianluca Bruno is a capo in The Mob. He has a reputation as quiet, but tough man. He wears sharkskin suits and chain smokes cigarettes. He has a belly full of scars from when he took 11 rounds from a smalltime punk’s Tech Assault submachinegun. He got up, put one caseless round from his .454 Magnum between the punk’s eyes and replied, “My fucking suit…” before collapsing.

Gianluca Bruno

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