Gino Salvatore

Don Salvatore's Son



INT 7, REF 8, TECH 6, COOL 7, ATTR 7, LUCK 4, MA 6, BODY 7, EMP 6
BTM: -2, SAVE: 7
Reputation: 3


Streetdeal 4
Awareness/Notice 5
Persuasion 3
Intimidate 4
Handgun 5
Brawling 5
Human Perception 3
Streetwise 5


Gino Salvatore is member of the The Mob and the son of Don Vito Salvatore. He’s a slimy piece of cheese and a “made” man. He does a fair amount of protection work and is always scheming on something. In reality, he’s a Mob errand boy, but as the Don’s son, has a sense of entitlement. He spends much of his time partying and chasing women.

Gino Salvatore

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