Jim Fitzgerald

Treasurer of The Lost


Jim was once a US Marine as early as age 18, but was kicked out, a claim that Jim does not comment on. Jim also married a woman named Jackie at an unspecified time. Though he acts distant towards his wife while talking with other Lost members, Jim demonstrated that he really loves and cares for her during conversations with Johnny when alone.

Jim’s criminal record dates back to when he was arrested for assault at age 24. He was likely a member of The Lost by this time. As he worked his way up from a prospect to a senior member of the gang, two theft charges followed in the next six years. He later met Billy Grey and Johnny Klebitz, who were childhood friends of each other and both began very aggressive criminal lifestyles at only 16. Jim became very close friends with Johnny, who was 12 years younger and likely saw him as a role model. He viewed Billy, however, as very foolish and never became as well connected to him. Despite their young ages, Billy and Johnny worked their way up to become president and vice president, respectively, of the chapter. Jim was perfectly content and not jealous (he had stated that a reason why he did not wish to become president was so that he could spend time with his wife), and became their treasurer as well as an unofficial advisor to Johnny. Both he and Johnny were opposed to the war with the Angels of Death biker gang, which dated back 16 years and was reignited under Billy’s leadership, but complied out of loyalty. He was arrested twice for cooking meth and larceny, respectively, and his wife Jackie had a baby around the same time.

Eventually, Billy was arrested for heroin and was sent to rehab, during which Johnny became the gang’s acting president. Billy had been excessively violent towards the Angels Of Death, including one incident in which he put Joe Jon’s nephew in a coma, which directed Johnny to give Billy’s Revenant motorcycle to the AOD as a peace offering. That same year, Billy returned from rehab and became president again, and Jim/Johnny did not like the way Billy was taking the gang. As tensions and arguments over leadership between Billy and Johnny escalated, Billy was eventually arrested in a failed heroin deal. Billy blamed Johnny for snitching on him to the police, although it is believed that Billy may have conspired with the heroin buyers to kill Johnny.

Jim Fitzgerald

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