Luciano "Lucky" De Luca

Caporegime of the Salvatore Family



INT 5, REF 8, TECH 4, COOL 9, ATTR 4, LUCK 5, MA 5, BODY 9, EMP 3
BTM: -3, SAVE: 9
Reputation: 6


Streetdeal 7
Awareness/Notice 6
Intimidate 8
Interrogate 6
Handgun 5
Melee 6
Rifle 5
Boxing 7
Human Perception 2
Streetwise 7

Luciano De Luca is a caporegime in The Mob. Lucky is a very bulky, strong fellow who spent his youth in and out of juvenile detention centers before he was offered a job as a Mob enforcer. For several years, he broke arms, legs and faces with his fists, baseball bats and various other blunt objects. He still enjoys doing the “dirty work”. He drinks heavily, smokes cigars and is an avid poker player. His face is always expressionless, making him hard to read at the card table and on the streets. He has a tendency to knock people out first and ask questions later. His personal hobbies include torture, interrogation and boxing; a nasty combination. Although he has his own crew now, he likes everyone to know that he hasn’t gone soft… quite the contrary.

Luciano "Lucky" De Luca

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