Luigi Rossi

Underboss of the Salvatore Family



INT 8, REF 7/, TECH 6, COOL 9, ATTR 5, LUCK 4, MA 6, BODY 7, EMP 6
BTM: -2, SAVE: 7
Reputation: 7


Streetdeal 7
Awareness/Notice 7
Persuasion 6
Intimidate 7
Handgun 7
Brawling 5
Human Perception 6
Streetwise 8


Luigi Rossi is Underboss of The Mob. He was one of the original crew to leave Chicago with Vito Salvatore and is the Don’s right hand man. He is well-dressed and has a taste for fast women, despite his wife’s objections. He runs many of his own schemes, paying his cut to the Boss, of course. He has some very loyal soldiers at his disposal. He manages much of the day to day operations and is the more visible face of The Mob in Night City.

Luigi Rossi

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