Tetsuo Tanaka

Yakuza Oyabun (Father/Boss)



INT 9, REF 7, TECH 5, COOL 10, ATTR 6, LUCK 5, MA 6, BODY 7, EMP 7
BTM: -2, SAVE: 7
Reputation: 9


Streetdeal 9
Awareness/Notice 7
Persuasion 7
Intimidate 8
Handgun 7
Melee 8
Karate 5
Aikido 6
Human Perception 7
Streetwise 9


Smuggled goods have long been imported to Japan from the United States. Japan has long desired western goods, where laws are less strict regarding firearms and pornography. Gun laws are very strict in Japan and adult films are censored. Hawaii has always been the staging point for importing these goods. Tetsuo Tanaka was born in Tokyo to a family of poor fishermen. In his early teens, Tanaka longed for adventure and even more, for respect. He knew then that he would never be a fisherman. His maritime skills became an asset to his Yakuza family and was eventually sent to Hawaii. He soon found that the journey between California and Hawaii was far more difficult than the longer trip to Japan. The LEDiv agency and the US Navy proved to be formidable foes. He decided to personally oversee that leg of the journey to ensure a constant flow of goods. Based in Los Angeles, Tanaka and his crew eventually made their way north to Night City where they found local authorities to be less “intrusive.”

Tetsuo Tanaka

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