Tommaso "Tommy Fats" DiGiorgio

Caporegime of the Salvatore Family



INT 7, REF 7, TECH 5, COOL 8, ATTR 4, LUCK 4, MA 4, BODY 8, EMP 5
BTM: -3, SAVE: 8
Reputation: 6


Streetdeal 7
Awareness/Notice 6
Persuasion 4
Intimidate 8
Handgun 7
Brawling 6
Human Perception 5
Streetwise 8


Tommaso DiGiorgio, better known at Tommy Fats, is a caporegime in The Mob. He is a stocky, but strong man. He puffs fine cigars, takes pride in his ragu sauce and is always eating or cooking. He constantly talks trash to people; friends and enemies. He is very outspoken and racist. Tommy hates both the Yakuza and the Triads. He has long scare over his right eye extending from his forehead to his cheek; a souvenir he picked up in a prison fight with a Yakuza hitter, while serving a 2-year stretch for assault and battery. Tommy runs a numbers racket in the neighborhoods on the edge of the combat zone. He has many associates at his disposal and collecting “numbers” is widely known to be dangerous, but pays well. New associates are often run through Tommy to make sure they have what it takes to survive in the family.

Tommaso "Tommy Fats" DiGiorgio

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