Night City is a violent, dangerous place, filled with people who’d love to rip your arm off and eat it. The traditional concepts of good and evil are replaced by the values of expedience. You do what you have to do to survive. If you can do some good along the way, great… But don’t count on it.

Night City is a moderately-sized city located on the west coast of the United States. It has a population of about five million in the Greater Night City Area, with the majority living in sprawling suburbs to the southwest. The city itself lies on a large bay, surrounded by several small subcities and suburban communities. Years of pollution, neglect and one of the most corrupt governments in the world have reduced most of these cities to cluttered, semi-deserted sprawls, with burned out homes, empty shopping malls and rampant street crime.

Night City today is a rapidly growing urban region, still rife with urban violence and street crime, but with strong economic growth in the Corporate sector. It is the quintessential city of the Cyberpunk future -gritty, dangerous, but possessing an urban slick and stylish cool that makes it unique. As Bes Isis, Net 54 newscaster and one of Night City’s most well know public figures puts it: “Nobody ever leaves Night City. Except in a body bag.”

The inhabitants of Night City are survivors in a tough, grim world, faced with life and death choices. How they make these choices will have a lot to do with whether they end up as vicious animals roaming a ruined world, or retain something of their basic humanity.

Forget everything you ever thought about cyborgs. Everything. This is the 2000’s. Today’s cyborg is stylish. His cybernetics are designed for a streamlined, highmover lifestyle. Whether equipped with implanted data chips in his nervous system to enhance his tennis game, or bio-engineered miniweapons for his personal protection, the cyborg of the 2000’s is the cutting edge of high tech living.

The cyberpunk lifestyle is simple.

Style over substance. It doesn’t matter how well you do something as long as you look good doing it. If you’re going to blow it, make sure you look like you planned it that way.

Attitude is everything. It’s truth. Think dangerous; be dangerous. Think weak; be weak. Remember, everyone in 2020 is carrying lots of lethal hardware and high-tech enhancements. They won’t be impressed by your new H&K smartgun unless you swagger into the club looking like you know how to use it… and are just itching for an excuse.

Live on the edge. The edge is that nebulous one where risk takers and highriders go. On the edge, you’ll risk your cash, your rep, even your life on something as vague as a principle or a big score. As a cyberpunk, you want to be the action, start the rebellion, light the fire. Join great causes and fight for big issues. Never drive slow when you can drive fast. Throw yourself up against danger and take it head on. Never play it too safe. Stay committed to the Edge.


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